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JOINED | David {and} Savannah | David White Photography

by David White


This is a follow up album of sorts. When I was asked to do David and Savannah’s engagement pictures I kinda guessed that they were getting married a short time later, I didn’t guess that they would have me back to do their wedding! What a tremendous opportunity. I enjoyed being able to do their engagement session and really enjoyed doing their wedding. It was a crisp December day, the remnants of the winter casting a sense of wonder across the landscape. Did I say crisp? I mean freezing. I’m pretty much convinced that every photoshoot I do will have something to do with freezing weather. But back to their day. The sun was casting it’s warm beams of light across the face of the bride and groom whilst the 20 degree gusts were simultaneosly causing goosbumps, but all things barring I think they turned out good. David looked as dapper as ever and the bride was beautiful. I hope to do some more shoots with them soon.

Open Your Eyes

David White