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EXPECTING | Sheree – 2011 {and} What it’s Like to Shoot Your Wife

by David White

So in case you didn’t know, Sheree is my loverly wifey. There are several cool things about this:

1. She is my wife and loves me and all the good stuff.

2. She is cooler around me than anyone else

3. I can make her She is super willing to do anything I ask her!!! 

 Let me explain. Most of my maternity shoots go something like this:

 Me: So turn your head a little to the left.

Her: like this?

Me: yep. (snap snap snap)

Pretty normal stuff right? If you imaged in your head what a maternity shoot would be like you would get an image startlingly similar the above described fake shoot. Now this is what a shoot with my wifey looks like:

 Me: So what if you climbed a tree?

Ree: What?

Me: Yeah, you are right that seems a little kitsch.

Ree: (rolls eyes)

Me: I got an idea! I know you are 35+ weeks pregnant, but what if you wade in that “river” and not slip on the rocks or broken bottles. 

Ree: David! I’m 35+ weeks pregnant! 

Me: *Sweetie* This is the only time you will be pregnant with this particular child, do you want memories or not?

Ree: *stares* (wades in the river)

Me: (snap snap snap)

Now you get the picture. I imagine this is a similar story with all great photographers who double as *artists* and have photogenic wives which agree to be shot. Imagine what a maternity shoot with Ansel Adams was like? Or one with Vincent Laforet, he would probably strap his wife to the hood of a car! In all earnestness though my wife really is a trooper and I think the pictures speak for themselves. This goes out to all the wives of photographers who put up with so much, all for the sake of *art*.

P.S. Nerd fact of the day, I shot about 60% of this with a Helios 44 on my 7d. Fact: It is one of the smoothest, sharpest lenses I have ever shot with. Do yourself a favor and pick one up.