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SENIOR | Stephanie – In Wonder | David White Photography

by David White

It was a brisk spring day when I set out with Stephanie and her mom. We all piled into the ever faithful jetta and drove into the dawn. Our first stop was an old favorite of mine, close to their house and with several different locations. As we walked through the morning chill I got a chance to get to know stephanie a little better. Turns out she’s a writer. When asked what she enjoys most about writing “The chance to create.” she said looking off. “She’s a quiet dreamer.” I thought to myself, and it turned out to be so. Taking portraits is difficult work, It’s always my desire to capture a bit of the person so that it shows through on the final print and when you are taking pictures of someone you barely know it becomes a little harder. After the session I felt as I had a peek into the life of a very sweet, thoughtful, if sometimes quiet, artist.

Open Your Eyes

David White