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SENIOR | Jenna – Forever Alive | David White Photography

by David White

I have had the privilege of knowing Jenna for close to three years now. When I first met her the first thing I noticed apart from her shock of red hair was, what I supposed, a voracious love of life. It didn’t take being around her long for my suspicions to be confirmed. Jenna has a love of life and people that rivals most anyone I have ever met. The care in her eyes, the spring in her step and her desire to love everyone all but cemented our friendship within a few weeks. Needless to say when her parents asked if I would like to shoot her senior portraits I was very excited. Though as I thought of how to capture her life through my lens my sense of excitement quickly turned into panic. How could I do justice? There is a certain safety in shooting people you hardly know, in the end when you look at the pictures you know that you have captured your first impressions and were true to them. When you shoot a close friend, I know for myself, I have little tolerance for a picture that is less than an exact image of who I know this person to be, so I had my hands full. The morning of the shoot dawned, it was a wonderful day, sunny with spots of clouds dotting the sky. I had selected Olde Town Arvada as the location of the shoot, all of the buildings and streets there seem to have a character of their own and I knew it was the perfect place for this particular girl. Even as we all stepped out of the car I had a few butterflies in my tummy. As soon as the shutter started flying though, I forgot my fear and settled into what has been one of my most enjoyable shoots ever. I can only wonder what great things life has in store for this lovely girl. As you peruse the images after the jump, I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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David White